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Saturday 1st of December saw member and friend congregate at the Spalding Exhibition Centre for the 2018 North Road Championship Clubs Day of the Champions. The day is not just for the members of this prestigious club but is open to any person who wishes to attend. The venue is excellent offering an onsite hotel, restaurants and a shopping outlet that is home to fifty five top brand outlets, so next year people bring the wife for a day out while you enjoy the show.

The event is held the purpose built 1000 square metre exhibition hall with the perimeter being taken up by the clubs sponsors and select trade stands while a Large seated terraced area is given over to tables and chairs in order for those attending to enjoy the day and catch up with fanciers and friends attending the event, but for me personally the highlight the event is having our own transporter along with its trailer in the hall giving every one the opportunity to see what we have achieved in just three years.

To the front of the hall is a large stage  which is lined with the ‘champions row where every fancier is invited to place their section winner for this attending to see, this is also complimented by the Open winning birds including Perry & Gardners 2018 Kings Cup winner.

Around 11:00am the secretary of the club welcomed every one to the 2018 event and gave a run down a run down of the event

At noon the auction of birds donated for by some twenty top drawer fanciers of the club including sone of the 2018 Kings Cup Lerwick winner, well if you missed out on this years sale don’t worry as we are planning a 2019 squeaker sale.

When the hammer fell on the final lot the stage was readied for the presentation and we have all attended long drawn out presentations and suffered sore hands from extensive clapping, while the committee congratulate all of our certificate winners and applaud you all for your support during the season. We have adopted a system where by we present all the section winners with their certificates and then the trophy winner of each race along with all of the ‘average and nomination trophies which does keep the presentation down to just over and hour and seems to have worked well over the last four years.


Yes we want to improve on the event but the general feed back at the moment is that a great day was had by all, so once again on behalf of the committee and myself, thank you.

Trophy / Prize Winners 2018


UNIKON Lerwick Kings Cup. L-R John Norris, R Luffman, I Rich, race winners Perry & Gardner, G Briton, Ross Olive, Trixie for T Augustini, M Britton and front left Cairo White and Emily Kichen for Race sponsor UNIKON

Perry & Gardner 1st Open Lerwick King George V Challenge Cup and Replica, F W Marriot Memorial Cup, F George Memorial Cup, Joe Bates Shetland Trophy

Setion Winners

Section A: Cup Rouse & Webster Kimberley

Section B: Cup  Norris Grantham

Section C: Cup D Perry Alford

Section E: Cup Mr & Mrs T Augustini  Leicester

Section F: Cup   I & S Rich  Isleham

Section H: Cup Mr & Mrs R Luffman  Buckhurst Hill

Section I: Cup R Olive Wickford

GV & W Britton: Hartridge Challenge Cup,Simms Vase, Day Challenge Cup, British Homing World Challenge Plate 

Mr & Mrs T Augustini: J E Talbott Memorial Trophy

J Norris: J Walter Jones Memorial Trophy, Magna Challenge Cup

Mr &  Luffman: D J MacArthur Cup 

P R Easter: Everest Memorial Trophy 

Ross Olive: W Wilson Memorial Trophy

Dunbar R Mamwell: & G.Son Silver Challenge Trophy

L-R Belgica Dunbar Winners, Moore Ransome, R Reason, R Mamwell, Hollie (Belgica UK) t Stocks (R Mamwells Gson) GV & W Britton

PERTH 1 Winner: Terry Winterton Silver Challenge Trophy

Racing Pigeon Perth 1 Race Winners L-R Graham Britton, Ivan Rich, R Reason (Racing Pigeon) Winner Terry Winterton, Roger Hallsworth & Micheal Britton

GV & W Britton: FWC George Cup, Western Section Cup, Racing Pigeon Challenge Cup, FC George Rose Bowl


Mr & Mrs R Boulton Silver Rose Bowl

Bamfords Perth 2 L-R ? P Neal, Aldona Andrew (PDF Secretary/Bamfords) race winner Bob Boulton Section A winner R Nuttal

Gold Meadal Winners over the two Perth Races

Paul & Jayne Newbold relieving the Gold Medal from club president Roger Sturgess on behalf on A Wright & Mr & Mrs Newbold for the best single bird over the two Perth Races


PJ Lofts Thurso L-R Mr & Mrs R Smith sect H, D Shepherd for T Augustini Sec D, race winner Roger Hallsworth, Jayne Newbold for PJ Lofts, R Hughes, Denise Skinner and Morre & Ransome

R Hallsworth Silver Challenge Cup

Moore & Ransome Woodston Challenge Trophy


Young Bird Berwick L-R J Salvador sect B, R Hallsworth Sect A, Lenny Gardner (Perry Gardner) Kevin Winter Pigeon Botanicals, Darren Perry 9Perry Gardner Winners) Mr & mrs Christensen

Winner Perry & Gardner Silver Challenge Cup

Mr & Mrs B Laws E Ruffell Memorial Trophy                                                       


Berwick Old Hens Gardner & Perry Race Winners, Julie Smith (Pigeon Sport) R Nuthall Sect A

Perry & Gardner Silver Challenge Trophy



Overall Average Trophy Upsall & Grandson Boston


F G Wilson Trophy Mr & Mrs B Garnham Boston

Old Bird Average  T Winterton Holbeach

Keeble Border Trophy I & S Rich Isleham

FC Skoulding Memorial Trophy R Hallsworth  Selston

Whitworth Average Trophy R Hallsworth Selston

Average Nomination (£375) Upsall & Grandson Boston



P Bennet Photograhper Diploma of Merrit Winners M Britton, Sue Bennett, W Bearder and G Britton

G V & W Britton GB14X15704 – Blue Bar Hen

2018 – 12th Section E, 80th Open NRCC Lerwick, 717p

2017 – 2nd Section E, 21st Open NRCC Lerwick, 630p

2016 – 16th Section E, 106th Open NRCC Lerwick, 819p

G V & W Britton GB11X00551 – Blue Bar Hen

2018 – 18th Section E, 98th Open NRCC Lerwick, 717p

2016 – 21st Section E, 186th Open NRCC Lerwick, 819p

2015 – 17th Section E, 167th Open NRCC Lerwick, 913p

W Bearder & Sons GB11X31345 – Blue Bar Cock

2018 – 7th Section A, 15th Open Open NRCC Lerwick, 717p

2016 – 3rd Section A, 54th Open NRCC Lerwick, 819p

2015 – 5th Section A, 33rd Open NRCC Lerwick 913p