Care Series Confusion!

To Win the car!

Apologies all round but I can confirm that the ‘2021 Car Race Series’ is as follows:-

To Win the car!

The price to enter the Car series is £15 for the entire series

Each member may nominate 2 birds at each race in the series

The series is held over 3 races these being; Perth, Thurso and Young Bird Dunbar

Entry to the series may be paid when paying your subs or on the Perth race entry sheet (2 Birds Only)

All entry fees to the series must be in by Tuesday 25th May 2021

Both Car nom pigeons must be clearly stated on sheet 2 with the ring numbers of the said pigeons

If sheet 2 is not available the nominated birds may be added to the ETS/Race entry sheets and initialled by the race marker

Any member failing to nominate his ‘Car Series Pigeons; the race secretary will automatically rake the first two birds on sheet 3 or the available race sheet.

The winner shall be decided on an average velocity decided by .Total times and distance flown in all races of birds concerned divided to give yards per minute

There is still time to join us!

(Please note that the image of the car is for demonstration purpose only and not the actual model)