Get your sheet right!

Don’t forget your car entry

If you haven’t already entered for the 2021 Car Race Series, don’t worry it’s not too late. Your entry  fee of a ‘one off payment of £15’ can be made when you send in your entry form.

When filling out your entry form if you have entered multiple birds and your ‘car pigeons’ are not your first choice please ensure that the ring number of your chosen car bird corresponds with your car bird choice on sheet one that you have sent to the secretary!

So as you see on the example image line 2 and 7 are my selections for the car.This can be identified by the letter ‘P’ in the open pools section, so when filling out form two that you take to the marking station ensure that your car choices are on the corresponding lines. It is not the responsibility of the committee to work out your car nom choices.

The easy bit is for you to clock the earliest of your two car birds and come Thurso you get to pick a two more and so on at the Young Bird Dunbar.

No entry sheets will be accepted on the day of marking and form one entry sheets should be in the hands of the secretary no later than the date stated.