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October Zoom Meeting

The 2020 season kicked of later for all of us and with the last of the races now well and truly over and the birds parted so the planning starts for next year, loft alterations, may be a new introduction to your loft, will it be from an online sale or may we get to actually attend a physical sale in this strange and uncertain times, but plan we must for 2021.

SO what has been happening in the NRCC. Sadly for the club George Wheatman decided to hang up his pen as press officer, the club were so fortunate to have a professional newspaper man as our PO your George had that gift that from a five minute conversation with you without realising it he had gleaned enough information from you to sting a good few hundred words together and if you were ever lucky enough to have this man interview you on reading what he had written you’d look back thinking ‘I can’t remember saying that’ yes George was a rare talent and is sorely missed by the club and a great loss to the pigeon sport. Happy retirement George!

Back in January Nick Barran brought together a whole host of fanciers who willingly gave a pigeon to the club for a sale which was hosted by the Pigeon Chat internet forum where the punters gave willingly making the sale a total success realising in excess of £9,000 and on behalf of the donors, underbidders and winning bidders the on behalf of the club we thank you all!
This money will not be being used for the running of the club but will be coming back to the members in the way of a super prize so be sure to sign up for 2021

No we are not talking about the 1982 release by ‘Fat Larrys Band’ but the video conferencing App that has become so popular during our period of lock down so being unable to hold a physical meeting on Saturday the 17th of October the NRCC committee embraced the technology and came together with a cyber meeting in order that we could progress the rest of the business for 2020 and look forward to hopefully a full season of racing in 2021

Race Programme 2021
All things being equal a full series of races will take place which will commence on May 15th with Dunbar, May 29th Perth, (Basketing Friday) Fraserburgh June 12th basting on Thursday followed by our blue riband event The Kings Cup Lerwick Race on June 26th (Basketing Wednesday) and then Thurso on Saturday July 10th (Basketing Thursday)
The young bird race will again be from Dunbar and will take place on Saturday September 11th and will run parallel with the Old Hens race on the same day.
Our bridge charges will remain the same for all races except Thurso which has incurred a small increase and will be £5 per bird.
Should any organisation require convoying for 2021 please don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss your requirements with the secretary.
Currently marking stations will remain the same and considering how spread they are feeder vehicles do have to be used and this does work very well with them fading back in to Wyberton where we can make the final adjustment as to whether we send the trailer with the lorry or just the transporter on its own.

Feeder vehicles and transporter at Wyberto

The holders of these trophies should now be making arrangements to return these to the secretary. Please ensured that they are cleaned, carefully wrapped and packed into a cardboard box and clearly labelled with your name.
You can either get these to your section committee member or contact the secretary direct

From One Kings Cup Winner to another, it could be you in 2021
Richard Mamwell & GSon Tom being presented with the Kings Cup by Frank Bristow centre


The site we have been using was built by the secretary however the Online verification and entries were built by a third party and as with all things ‘computer’ software moves on and at an alarming rate so the secretary is now sourcing a programmer who can build us these new ‘plugins’ that will enable us to get back to online entry and verification, but these people do not come with out a cost and we have to be mindful of all things with a price!

Day of Champions
Some said this wouldn’t work, but it has and is a great showcase for the club, sadly again down to the restrictions of Covid 19 the 2020 event will ‘not’ be going ahead however the hall is booked for 2021 and yes the show will go on and we will strive to make the vent bigger and better!

The Hall of the Day of Champions

2020 Handbook AGM
Yes it was missing and rightly or wrongly it was myself that made the decision not to publish it with th never changing circumstances that was surrounding its content however please don’t repair for in 2021 this is some thing else that is making come back for the better. Your new handbook will contain 40 pages in which will showcase the 2020 and 2021 winners by the way of a full loft profile on each of the winning fanciers. The committee have all seen an electronic version of this and are more than happy with its format.
The AGM will be held on Saturday 11th December at Great Gonerby Social Club 8 High St, Great Gonerby, Grantham NG31 8JP (Govermnet Guidelines permitting) at 13:00hrs Propositions to be in writing to the secretary no later than 14th of November