Online Entry for Dunbar has been extended until Wednesday 20:00hrs

While the Pigeononline gateway is working fine ‘Worldpay’ appear to have an issue, we are unable to contact any one  as their office is closed until 08:000hrs Monday!

Paper Entries
These must be posted by Monday and ‘first class or hand delivered Tuesday to:

Ian Bellamy,
146 Donaldson Drive
All fanciers must fill in form 2 with the ring numbers of their entries and each line must correspond with pooling on form 1.

When making your payment by bank transfer please ensure you us the following so that we can reconcile your entry with your payment so
Competing Number followed by the first four charaters of the race you are entering.
A123 Dunb or if it is a different race such as Perth, then A123 Pert and so on.

Our bank details are:

Virgin Money Sort Code: 05:06:67 Account No: 46384769

Fanciers entering on paper must call the Lib line number 01733 322424 giving their name competing number, how many birds and which marking station.
This is to ensure that there are sufficient crates at your chosen marking station.

Please ensure that you have erased training at your loft end before bringing your clock to the marking station.

Clean Baskets
Please ensure your baskets are clean and if possible use grills and not shavings.

Thank you.