New Online Entry

2024 will see the return of online race entry and verification for all of this season’s races. Later we will be adding subscriptions and ring orders too.

By now you may have received an email with your username and password enabling you to login.

If you haven’t received it, ask yourself, have I paid my 2024 subscriptions? You may have paid them recently via a bank transfer and not sent in your subscription form, if this is the case,  as the bank statements are checked and we have your email address then you will receive your username and password in due course.

The other reason may-be we have made a ‘typo’ when transferring the data from paper to electronic form. Please don’t bombard the Futurity Watsapp group as tis is purley for John to administer the saleswe will be working through these.

You may download and print your instructions to the portal here or to get to the portal click here.

All handbooks and paper entry forms will be going out this week and further details will be published on the club’s website.

If you have any issues with the portal, please contact Ian Bellamy by email to