The second race point on the program for the NRCC saw convoyer, Darren Shepherd, transporting the members pigeons on a two-day stayaway journey up to Perth. With marking taking place on the Thursday, the members arrived at the Wyberton marking station early and, like the Dunbar race two weeks previously, the line of fanciers and baskets soon stretched out into the carpark. The same can only be assumed for the other marking stations and with the marking committee and other fanciers on hand to help out, the line of race participants soon began moving their baskets of pigeons forward and the expectation for the weekend race ahead was the topic of conversation for many standing in the line. With the wind again predicted to have East in it and the number of competitors and birds increased, this made the bar for the top positions raised. Competition amongst the inland flyers was high with the hope of taking ownership of the coveted top spot lucrative and, with that increased birdage on board the transporter this time around, just that bit more challenging. NRCC chairman, Ian Bellamy, gives the following detailed report of his conversations with Darren, much of which was also relayed through the WhatsApp group, ensuring all participants were kept in the loop at all times:  Our convoyer Darren rang me on Thursday evening and informed me that they had stopped for the night, gave the birds a light feed and drink and they would be off early on Friday morning to complete the journey to Perth. After setting off at 5.30am on Friday morning they reached Perth just after 9.00am where water was available to the birds. The birds were fed early afternoon and allowed to rest for the remainder of the day. Saturday morning Darren rang me at 7.30am and told me that the weather was glorious at Perth but there were little pockets of mist dotted around the East coast. Darren said that he would leave it a good hour and then ring me with an update. Just after 9.00am Darren rang me to say that he had liberated the 2180 birds at 9.00am in a light South East wind which was veering to North East en route. It was now time for action at my end. I updated the website and Libline, texted my own club members, tested the provisional result software and got my loft ready for the short Federation race and of course the NRCC Benzing Perth race. I thought that the first birds should take around five hours which proved to be the case as the first verification came in at 14:08. The twelfth to verify came from UK Team in Nottingham who timed in at 14:03 and went to the top of the provisional list and stayed there for the remainder of the day. Many congratulations to Luca of UK Team. There was a steady stream of verifications throughout the afternoon and early evening with birds reaching all sections and I received 184 verifications out of a possible 204 members. This could have been a tricky race because as the day wore on the wind picked up and turned more to the East (it did where I live anyway). The next NRCC race is from Fraserburgh which is sponsored by Bamfords Topflight on June 17th where it is hoped we will have another bumper entry and that the NRCC can give you another successful race. Overall 204 members sent 2180 birds. Moving on to the winner of the NRCC Perth race and congratulations once again down to the Calverton marking station where Lukasz (Luca) Urbaniak, UK Team, Nottingham, came in first. When I touched base with Luca the following morning he was the worse for wear but full of smiles after a night of celebrating and who can blame him. Coming in third two weeks previously to Paul Crooks first and second at the Dunbar race it seemed only fitting that celebrations should be the order of the night after the result switched around for the Perth race with Luca taking the top spot. The achievement of topping the NRCC was clearly a great moment for Luca and UK Team, Nottingham as I had to rearrange my call with him so he could sleep off his late-night celebrations however, it was well worth the wait to have a catch up and a much-recovered Luca gave the following account: My name is Lucas and I race under the UK TEAM name. I started my passion for pigeons in 1999, back in Poland. My uncle used to keep racing pigeons, but he never raced. I went that step further and soon found it as a passion of my life. When I moved to the UK, I didn’t have a place to keep birds but soon as I bought my house in 2018, I started racing again in 2019. I got a full-time job, a 12h nightshift, with lots of overtime and work between 4-6 nights a week so, the pigeons must work around me. I race the roundabout system, with both partners going into the race every week. Due to work commitments, I train my birds once or twice a week on road training, and the partners see each other after they return. My winner is more of a distance bird, the harder it gets, the faster she is. Last season she was 15th Open BICC Perth out of 1686 birds (7h 15min in hot weather and with a head wind), 84th Open BICC Hexham out of 2916 birds and 12th fed from Berwick with 415 birds. Two weeks ago, she clocked NRCC Dunbar 38th of 1771 birds. She was bred by my good friend Miro Chwedoruk from Somerset, who is a successful South rd flyer. Ninety percent of my stock comes from him. I would like to thank him for breeding the winner, and many other pigeons that have made me very proud and I that am pleased to have in my loft. Also, I would like to say thank you to Kevin Spears, who is my mentor, and motivator. He was the one that got me interested in the NRCC races. Mark Darby, who supplies me with the corn. Paul Crooks for all of his support and Sylvester Kaminsky who is my pigeon partner, and who keeps the stock birds. Also, the NRCC itself for a Great service for our birds and smart liberations. On one last note, I would like to mention to everyone who works a lot, like myself, it’s not easy to win when racing against the full-time pigeon man, but it can be done! I am the best example. Just keep doing what you are doing, believe in yourself and never give up! All the best Lue……. Well done Luca and well done to everyone who sent on the day and congratulations also to the section winners who’s reports will follow once verification has been completed. Thank you also to the everyone behind the scenes for another fantastic race which saw good returns and great communication throughout